New Feature Idea

Ryan Fox rfox at
Tue Jun 5 02:05:28 GMT 2001

Hello all,

I have an idea for a new feature I'd like to see implemented.  I'd like 
to get a feel from everyone about the usefulness/feasability of this, as 
well as any suggestions.

The idea I have is to set up a server side recycle bin, where samba 
could move files/directories instead of deleting them.  I'm thinking of 
options in smb.conf to turn this on/off, it's location, a maximum file 
size to be moved, and a minimum % of disk space free necessary to enable 
this.  These settings should probably be allowed to be set per server 
and per share.  The trash directory could be shared with the same 
settings as the original share, or not.

I can probably code this on my own, but I'm sure someone else with some 
samba code knowledge can do it better, and someone with much c++ 
experience can do it quicker.   But I'm willing to code it, if I'm not 
going to be the only one that gets use out of it.  :) 

Ryan Fox
rfox at

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