Filter oplock

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jul 23 20:27:13 GMT 2001

Ephi Dror wrote:
> Hi All,
> After reading oplock types, I discovered that there is one more oplock
> available called filter oplock.
> (
> Does CIFS protocol support it?
> Does SAMBA support it?

I took a quick look at this. What it appears to be is a
way to expose the exlusive oplock callbacks sent to the 
redirector to the opening application, not a new oplock
type on the wire.

I would need to write some Win32 - Windows 2000 specific
application code and watch what happens on the wire to be
sure, but my guess is that if it's just an API change (what,
the Win32 API not a stable standard ! What a shock ! :-)
then we do support it as it isn't a wire change.


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