Filter oplock

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Fri Jul 20 17:49:59 GMT 2001

Hi Ephi,
According to the latest (I think) SNIA CIFS-Spec 0.9 (dated 3/26/2001),
the CIFS specification supports only the 1st three oplock types at this
exclusive (level 1)
batch oplock
Level 2 oplock

At this point AFAIK from a quick browse of the CVS code for Samba 2.2, Samba
does not 
currently recognize the 'filter oplock' either.

Hope this helps,

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Hi All,

After reading oplock types, I discovered that there is one more oplock
available called filter oplock.

Does CIFS protocol support it?
Does SAMBA support it?

Thanks so much for any reply.


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