HEAD works with Japanese? (Re: meeting with SUGJ)

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at samba.gr.jp
Fri Jul 20 03:46:19 GMT 2001

>I think I have a Japanese Windows98 CD at home. I'll try and install
>it when I get back. Does your CHARGEN.EXE test program work on

Yes :-)
If you do not, you will get Japanese (and other language version)
Windows 98 from MSDN Professional Subscription with Asian language

>> And in case of CP932, filenames written are correctly displayed from
>> Windows, but not from EUC-JP.
>Can you please test using the iconv utility? If you put the characters
>that are broken in CP932 in a file and use:
>iconv -f CP932 -t EUCJP file.txt > file-euc.txt
>then check that the result is correct. 

The result is correct.

>I will look at adding HEX support and fixing the name mangling when I
>get back to Australia. 


>I think using HEX will be a very useful test
>character set.

Basically Yes, but there may be bugs which occur under particular
charset environment.
And if you can get samba-2.0.9-ja-1.0 or later, you can use
smbchartool placed in examples/smbchartool to convert between HEX/CAP
and EUC/SJIS (smbchartool in samba-2.0.7-ja-2.2 or before has a bug in
CAP conversion).

For example to convert EUC filenames to HEX filenames in /tmp/a, type:

 % smbfnconv -a euctohex /tmp/a

smbfnconv, written in miura at samba.gr.jp is a perl script and does not
use any other libraries (except jcode.pl including smbfnconv
package). So it will work well on your machine. 

Sorry for its document, smbchartool.html is written in Japanese
only. If you are interested in this, I will translate it in English. 

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