HEAD works with Japanese? (Re: meeting with SUGJ)

Andrew Tridgell tridge at valinux.com
Thu Jul 19 22:14:06 GMT 2001

> At the meeting we examined only against Japanese Windows 2000, so I
> examined against Japanese Windows 98.

I think I have a Japanese Windows98 CD at home. I'll try and install
it when I get back. Does your CHARGEN.EXE test program work on

> And in case of CP932, filenames written are correctly displayed from
> Windows, but not from EUC-JP.

Can you please test using the iconv utility? If you put the characters
that are broken in CP932 in a file and use:

iconv -f CP932 -t EUCJP file.txt > file-euc.txt

then check that the result is correct. You will need to use the iconv
utility from libiconv (in /usr/local/bin on your laptop).

I will look at adding HEX support and fixing the name mangling when I
get back to Australia. I think using HEX will be a very useful test
character set.

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