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Samba-JP TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Thu Jul 19 11:58:24 GMT 2001

>> - the head branch does mostly work with Japanese, with some
>>   exceptions. 
>nice :-)

Yesterday Andrew showed me how HEAD branch works. Thanks!
But on my laptop, HEAD branch still does not work with Japanese. 
I will examine this later.

>> - apparently docbook doesn't properly support Japanese. We didn't
>>   work out how to solve this, but it could be a pain for the
>>   translated docs.
>what kind of document format do they use?

In Samba 2.0.x period, we made a Japanese patch for yodl and used

We are now translating docbook format documents, but we cannot convert
them to HTML or other formats.

I myself think this is temporary problem. Sooner or later Japanese
patch for docbook will be made.

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