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Thu Jul 19 08:05:51 GMT 2001

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 03:26:14PM -0700, Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> - the head branch does mostly work with Japanese, with some
>   exceptions. 

nice :-)

> - iconv has some significant problems, including lack of a little
>   endian UCS2 character set on older glibc versions (eg. RH6.2) and
>   lack of some commmon character set encodings used in japan (eg. CAP
>   and HEX).
> - we need to make the name mangling global, not per smbd and it also
>   needs to be persistent. I think this will be pretty easy with a
>   global tdb to hold mappings (which will also allow us to more
>   closely emulate the NT mangling algorithm). I think that we need to
>   completely throw away mangle.c and start again, but I think the new
>   mangle.c can be much simpler than the current one. One issue is the
>   potential size of the mangling tdb.

I was thinking about the mangling code just yesterday, I have seen bug
reports about duplicate mangle name raising, and thought that a cache
is really necessary.
Well to avoid the cache growing I thought one way is to cache by directory
and increment a counter every time an smbd process asks for the first time
the directory contents and decrement it after a timeout or when the process die.
When the counter goes back to 0 that entry is pulled of the cache.
This way directoryes that are often referenced will be in the cache.

> - we need a "display charset" option, as some character sets commonly
>   used on the unix side such as CAP are not suitable for reading by
>   humans, so I plan on adding a disp_printf() function that will print
>   to a file in the "display charset". That will replace the existing
>   DEBUG() and printf() statements in smbclient, nmblookup etc where
>   the output is supposed to be human readable. disp_printf() will also
>   be used in SWAT.
> - apparently docbook doesn't properly support Japanese. We didn't work
>   out how to solve this, but it could be a pain for the translated
>   docs.

what kind of document format do they use?

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