A query regarding updating machine passwords.....

Sai Chivukula saivc at veritas.com
Wed Jul 11 07:10:30 GMT 2001


Actually I have this small query....a clarification, rather......

This is in a scenario where the Samba Server is a member of a domain,
but is NOT a PDC...and gets the machine passwd/updates it by
contacting the PDC...

I have been looking into the Samba 2.0.7 code lately, where there's
this code-snippet in timeout_processing() [smbd/process.c] in which
the machine password gets updated, provided it has outlived the
"machine password timeout" duration specified in smb.conf (the
default being 7 days...in seconds.....) based on the value of
the global variable, global_machine_password_needs_changing, that
gets set in  trust_get_passwd() [passdb/smbpassfile.c]  .

But in Samba 2.2.1, this variable
global_machine_password_needs_changing never seems to be getting
set....'coz that fn no longer exists in passdb/smbpassfile.c...and a
reasonably good look at the code surely didn't reveal any other
place where this could be happenning....

So I was just wondering if this m/c passwd updation stuff is being
done elsewhere somehow...or is it actually something that needs to be
set right?

Thanks in advance!

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