xfs vs Samba 2.2.1

Ries van Twisk ries at franksintl.nl
Wed Jul 11 10:26:35 GMT 2001


I'm not sure if I'm off topic here but I'll ask it anyway.
I succesfully compile and installed XFS and everything works great!.
This is on a Linux 2.4.5 kernel with the xfs 06112001 patch.
I compiled and installed acl, xfsdump & xfsprogs.
the  acl.h header file is installed in acl/acl.h

But samba expect to find it in sys/acl.h where acl from bestbits is installed.

I did try ACL from acl.bestbits.at but I had problems with group right getting 
the wrong premissions so I though let's try XFS which gives me the 
advantage of a journaling fs.
But samba does not compile with ACL got from 

However samba does compile correctly with acl support with the tarbal from 

Does this mean that samba 2.2.1 does not wotk with xfs yet?


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