HELP!!! Problem with long userlist with Windows 9x

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Jul 5 22:42:10 GMT 2001

Jim McDonough wrote:
> Emmanuel DESVIGNE wrote:
> >I've got a problem with my samba 2.2.0a witch works as a PDC.
> >When I create less than about 60 user accounts, all works
> >fine. But if I declare even more user accounts, I've got a
> >problem: Windows 9x computers can't see the whole userlist
> >when I want to share a folder or a printer.
> Seems in srv_samr_nt.c, line 1044 (or so) says:
> orig_num_entries = num_entries;
> After the check for exceeding MAX_SAM_ENTRIES (which is 50) has been done.
> And then at the end...
> if (num_entries < orig_num_entries) {
>      return STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES;
> }
> Seems like orig_num_entries needs to be set earlier...
> My netmon capture (and gdb) shows that STATUS_MORE_ENTRIES is definitely
> not returned.

Ok, I've checked in patches to 2.2 and HEAD, and can
return userslists with more than 500 entries to W2KSP2
and Win9x with the nexus tools installed.

Please CVS checkout and let me know if this works 
for you.


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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