Boring locking system

alexei korotich neomatrix21 at
Thu Jul 5 21:40:51 GMT 2001

Hello, Everybody!

I`m in a strange situation now with your pretty SAMBA masterpiece.
I have not solved the problem with BRL and posix locks.
For about a week already I can`t imagine or make some really illustrative
test (under Windows API or using Cygnus or just acting like an ordinary user)
that shows me how locks are used. Using recommended Ethereal sniffer I 
have not ever seen lockingX call that, to my mind , to be dealt with.
And I could not spy function calls in posix.c and brlock.c modules.
I mean they haven`t ever appeared to me. 

Please, would you be so kind as to explain me this mystery.
And can you show me the whole scheme of locking sub-system in Samba.
I only imagine oplocks using under Windows (share modes or deny-mode locking)
and can`t imagine who cares locking regions. How was it all planned to
work properly. Examples? Tests? How can I spy it? What SMB messages are 
used? I really wonder! I need info! Please give my a chance to keep on
surfing Samba sources!!!!

P.S. Samba version is 2.2.0.

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