linking problem (slprintf)

Stan Sander ssande at
Wed Jul 4 19:27:54 GMT 2001

Using CVS from this morning, I get the following linking errors.  Suse
7.1 System, 2.4.3 kernel, glibc 2.2, gcc 2.95.2

Linking bin/smbd
smbd/dfree.o: In function `disk_free':
smbd/dfree.o(.text+0x228): undefined reference to `slprintf'
smbd/mangle.o: In function `mangle_name_83':
smbd/mangle.o(.text+0x1065): undefined reference to `slprintf'
smbd/close.o: In function `check_magic':
smbd/close.o(.text+0x141): undefined reference to `slprintf'
libsmb/clierror.o: In function `cli_errstr':
libsmb/clierror.o(.text+0x81): undefined reference to `slprintf'
libsmb/clierror.o(.text+0xa5): undefined reference to `slprintf'
libsmb/nmblib.o(.text+0x674): more undefined references to `slprintf'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/smbd] Error 1

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