All known 2.2.1 showstoppers fixed..

John E. Malmberg malmberg at
Tue Jul 3 19:43:35 GMT 2001

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> So I think that all the showstoppers for the 2.2.1 release
> are fixed in CVS.
> This means I'll be doing a bit more testing then doing
> a release over the 4th of July holiday (I'm English so
> I don't care :-).
> If anyone knows different, now is the time to scream....
> :-).

The nmbd bug I reported back when 2.2.0 was only a pre-alpha release
does not appear to be fixed as of the June 27th 2001 CVS snapshot.

In module interface.c, routine interfaces_changed()

The routine get_interfaces() may return a negative value, and this
is not checked before using the value returned in a following memcmp()

This causes an access violation.

The code should be changed to:

      if ((n > 0) && (n != total_probed ||
          memcmp(ifaces, probed_ifaces, sizeof(ifaces[0])*n))) {
		return True;

Sorry, I can not provide a diff or a patch at this time.  No internet at
my development location.

wb8tyw at
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