minor ACL issues SAMBA_2_2, Solaris 8

Michael Gerdts Michael.Gerdts at usa.alcatel.com
Tue Jul 3 17:20:29 GMT 2001

I have found two issues with ACL's on Solaris 8:  "no permission" gets
translated into "take ownership" and group names are not always enuermated.
There is a chance that they are just limitations of NT or UNIX.

Group name enumeration

When both a unix group and a unix user exist with the same name, the
"Add Users and Groups" dialogue does not display the group as a workstation
group.  Removing the user allows the group to be listed in the "Add Users
and Groups" dialogue.

Perhaps this is a limitation of the NT ACLs...

Take ownership

This may be desired behavior, but I have not seen documentation on how
ACL's are supposed to work.  If there is some documentation that has been
started or exists within comments, whatever, I would be willing to put a
bit of time in to get it into a format suitable for inclusion in the docs

-r--------   1 mgerdts  cns            0 Jul  3 11:01 400-mgerdts-cns

On NT 4, (WTS, Citrix) reports it as:

  [group]  server\cns		Special Access (O)
  [user]   server\mgerdts	Special Access (R)
  [global] Everyone		Speical Access (O)

I guess I would expect:

  [group]  server\cns		No Access (None)
  [user]   server\mgerdts	Special Access (R)
  [global] Everyone		No Access (None)

Using the permissions dialogue, I am able to change it to look like I
expect above, but when I view it next time it reverts.  (I suspect that
this is a limitation in the interaction between UNIX and NT.  Presumably
the most harmless way to present the group and other bits is by using the
take ownership bit set, as 


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