LSB compatible Samba ?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Jul 2 18:14:29 GMT 2001

Steve Langasek wrote:

> Ah... it's unforgivable to be unwilling to abandon a technically-superior
> system that has been in use for almost as long as (if not longer than) rpm has
> been in existence?  

Yeah, that's right - keep those Giraffes burning (with
apologies to Salvador Dali :-). End users like my mum
*really* care about stuff like that. After all, that's
*much* more important than being able to install end-user
applications on a Linux system isn't it.....

That's why Linux is *so* dominent on end users desktops,
because end users really care about having multiple packaging
formats so they can argue about their technical superiority.
That's much more important than having lots of third party
apps, all of which seamlessly install.

After all, if they want applications, then "let them use
Windows" (with apologies to Marie Antionette :-) :-).



Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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