smbpasswd in an LDAP directory

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Jul 2 14:32:01 GMT 2001

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, andrew morgan wrote:

> I'd recommend basing your perl scripts on Net::LDAP instead of
> Mozilla::LDAP.  Net::LDAP is actively maintained and does not depend
> on any third party libraries (you do not need to install the iPlanet
> libraries).  Actually, I use Net::LDAPS (SSL support), but it is the
> same as Net::LDAP.
> I've worked with both modules.  I started with Mozilla::LDAP, but I
> ran into a bug in Mozilla::LDAP (it always tries to do LDAP replaces,
> even when you specifically asked for an add).  So I decided to try out
> Net::LDAP.  I haven't looked back.
> I could probably help translate your scripts, if you are interested.


That would be great.  Like I said, the scripts are really just
"proof of concept".  I wanted to stick them in CVS in hopes
that someone like yourself would make them more production ready.

If you want to convert to the Net::LDAP module, feel free.  I'll
check the new code into CVS.  I would like to keep the PerLDAP
scripts just as an example.


cheers, jerry
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