LSB compatible Samba ?

Michael Sweet mike at
Mon Jul 2 06:33:09 GMT 2001

Steve Langasek wrote:
> ...
> Bear in mind that the most important new feature that the LSB
> brings to the table is the specification of an ABI that LSB
> packages are allowed to depend on.  This means that a true Samba
> LSB package has to be built on a pure LSB system, lest it end up
> linked against more recent versions of libraries or library symbols.
> Making a Samba package that /will/ build on an LSB system is
> a lot easier than making one that /is/ built against an LSB system.
> :)


Still, you can bet people will be asking about LSB configurations/
spec files for many apps now, so if we have the basic stuff in
place we can let the packagers manage the sticky little detail that
none of the current Linux distributions is LSB compliant... :)

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