Osama Abu-Aish osabmt00 at fht-esslingen.de
Sun Jul 1 15:48:04 GMT 2001

Hi out there!

The following code from nt_printing.c killed my NT clients when
any user connected to a shared printer (explorer.exe freezes):

if (!lookup_name( "Printer Administrators", &owner_sid, &name_type) && 
   !lookup_name( "Administrators", &owner_sid, &name_type) &&
   !lookup_name( "Administrator", &owner_sid, &name_type) &&
   !lookup_name("root", &owner_sid, &name_type)) {
   sid_copy(&owner_sid, &global_sid_World);

Problem: "Printer Administrators" is named "Drucker-Administratoren" on
German Windows. Samba tries to lookup "Printer Administrators" and never
returns from there. Uncommenting the 1st two lines solved the problem for me
because "root" and "Administrator" exist in my domain.

Two questions:

1.) Why doesn't samba return from the failed name lookup?
2.) Shouldn't we use a well-known SID instead of doing locale-dependent
     name lookups?

Greetings, Osama

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Außenstelle Goeppingen

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