2.2.1a and 2.2 cvs samba ldap patch

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Mon Jul 30 17:12:21 GMT 2001

"Shahms E. King" wrote:
> I've recently managed to finish up a patch for 2.2 to use ldap for the
> password backend.  I'd like to get some feedback on it and someone else
> testing.  At the moment, I can't get win2k to become part of a domain,
> although that might be caused by something else (or my own
> incompetence), all the code I can see in the patch does what it should.
> the configure checks aren't complete (it compiles with OpenLDAP 2.x only
> for the moment, although in the future it may work with OpenLDAP 1.x,
> and if I get time, the Netscape SDK).  It supports SSL/TLS using both
> ldaps and Start TLS.  It will work unencrypted against LDAPv2 servers,
> but I'm still fighting some SSL issues with v2.

I think the samba people are working in the ldap in a different way;
perhaps the development focuses more in the PDC integration than in a
new passwd backend... I don't know: is my personal point of view.

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