[patch] rpcclient doesn't return non-zero on error

Tim Potter tpot at valinux.com
Fri Jul 27 22:59:48 GMT 2001

Michael Sweet writes:

> The attached patch fixes an annoying little problem with rpcclient -
> if you specify "-N" so that it doesn't ask for a password, the
> session setup will fail and rpcclient returns 0 instead of 1.  This
> means that another program (e.g. a GUI or a wrapper) cannot determine
> if rpcclient needs a password or not...
> This patch makes rpcclient return 1 like smbclient does for the
> same situation...

Applied.  I've been meaning to attack all the client programs and
make sure they all take a consistent set of command line options
and return a consistent set of return values.  

Maybe next time I need to do some procrastination...  (-


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