Solaris8 + Samba2.2.1a = slow printing

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed Jul 25 18:57:06 GMT 2001

Alan Malek wrote:
> Just trying to view the printer properties can easily take a couple of
> minutes with smbd consuming some 30% of a processor on an otherwise idle
> machine. Sending a print job also takes several minutes again with smbd
> consuming up to 30+% of a CPU. I only have 2 printers in
> /etc/printers.conf and no idea what the problem is.

	This is seriously bogus: I'd try looking at 
	it with truss -s (statistics mode) to see 
	wha tsystem calls use the most tiem, and
	truss -d (timestamps) to see exact behavior:
	something's very different between BSD and Solaris.

	Sounds almost like a spinlock or a bad select...

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