Problem with locking.tdb

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Wed Jul 25 16:15:25 GMT 2001


samba 2.2 finally works stable on our HPUX box


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> Hello Claus,
> We are seeing this as well.  running the smbtorture test LOCK1
> will show this (and other issues as well).  I'm not done with 
> my investigation, but at the moment, it APPEARS to be an issue
> with the mmap implementation on HP-UX, and the fact that HP-UX 
> uses different caches for memory mapped file access as opposed
> to filesystem (read/write) access to files.  Samba 'fails thru'
> to read/write when it detects that the tdb->map_ptr value is 
> zero for tdb_write and tdb_read, but some other tdb calls (I
> THINK) are still accessing via the mmapped address.  According to
> the man page for mmap, mmap should never map to 0, but additional
> debug statements I have added to the code indicate that in some 
> circumstances, IT IS doing this.  Until we
> get this resolved, you can probably workaround this problem
> by changing the lines (there are 2 of them):
> #define HAVE_MMAP 1
> in the include/config.h file
> and then doing a "make clean",
> and then a "make"
> to rebuild samba WITHOUT mmap support.
> Let me know if this doesn't do it for you.
> Don
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> Subject: Problem with locking.tdb
> Hi
> I have just download'ed and compiled the new Samba release 2.2.1a at a
> HP9000 system running HP-UX 11.00. The smb and nmb starts without any
> problems but after running for some time we get error messages like,
> running the smbstatus command:
> tdb(/usr/local/samba/var/locks/locking.tdb): rec_read bad magic
> 0xd9fee666 at offset=5596
> locked file list truncated
> Restarting Samba solves the problem but it consistently returns again
> when smbd has be running for some time. (Some time it is in other of the
> tdb files that is reported as problematic e.g. connections.tdb)
> Does anyone know about a solution for this problem, while I can see that
> other people reports other problem with the new locking method using tdb
> files (we previously used Samba 2.0.7 which doesn't cause this kind of
> problems)?
> Best regards
> Claus Svarer

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