Problem with locking.tdb

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Tue Jul 24 15:02:14 GMT 2001

Hello Claus,
We are seeing this as well.  running the smbtorture test LOCK1
will show this (and other issues as well).  I'm not done with 
my investigation, but at the moment, it APPEARS to be an issue
with the mmap implementation on HP-UX, and the fact that HP-UX 
uses different caches for memory mapped file access as opposed
to filesystem (read/write) access to files.  Samba 'fails thru'
to read/write when it detects that the tdb->map_ptr value is 
zero for tdb_write and tdb_read, but some other tdb calls (I
THINK) are still accessing via the mmapped address.  According to
the man page for mmap, mmap should never map to 0, but additional
debug statements I have added to the code indicate that in some 
circumstances, IT IS doing this.  Until we
get this resolved, you can probably workaround this problem
by changing the lines (there are 2 of them):

#define HAVE_MMAP 1

in the include/config.h file

and then doing a "make clean",
and then a "make"
to rebuild samba WITHOUT mmap support.

Let me know if this doesn't do it for you.

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I have just download'ed and compiled the new Samba release 2.2.1a at a
HP9000 system running HP-UX 11.00. The smb and nmb starts without any
problems but after running for some time we get error messages like,
running the smbstatus command:

tdb(/usr/local/samba/var/locks/locking.tdb): rec_read bad magic
0xd9fee666 at offset=5596
locked file list truncated

Restarting Samba solves the problem but it consistently returns again
when smbd has be running for some time. (Some time it is in other of the
tdb files that is reported as problematic e.g. connections.tdb)

Does anyone know about a solution for this problem, while I can see that
other people reports other problem with the new locking method using tdb
files (we previously used Samba 2.0.7 which doesn't cause this kind of

Best regards
Claus Svarer

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