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Am 31 Jan 2001, um 11:20 Uhr schrieb James Sutherland zum Thema Re: OT: change NT login 
Dazu meine Meinung:

> Indeed - using a Novell-style redirection seems like a nice solution.
I'm currently trying to hack this. I've started investigating the NISGINA code
to see how they handle it.
> One advantage is that this need only be done on the domain
> controllers: all the domain members speak to the NT DC as if it were a
> normal NT domain.
Correct :)

> The downside is that this needs to be done per workstation; OTOH, if you
> don't have/want any NT domain controllers, both solutions require
> something (Novell Workstation Manager, or NISGINA) on each w/s anyway.
hmm, if all user data is stored in a LDAP directory we ca use the standard
LDAP administration tools to manage the accounts. I don't know
Workstation Manager since I'm no Novell User. What's it's purpose?

> There are a few other limitations as well (number of CPUs, lack of some
> software) and an unenforced license limitation on number of clients
> served; really, though, I meant "an NT server" not "a machine running
> NT/2k Server Edition".
that's right :) 

> Replacing SAMLIB.DLL with a suitable LDAP client would seem like the best
> solution, then?
That's what I think at the moment. Maybe once I've fought against NT, LSA,
MSDN, SSP, andwhatevermicrosoftacronym, I'll come to the conclusion that
the task is too complex. But I'll give it a try.


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