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Osama Abu-Aish osabmt00 at fht-esslingen.de
Wed Jan 31 15:56:17 GMT 2001

Would it be possible to change the return-address for the lists
from samba-technical-admin at us5.samba.org
to samba-_whatever_list_ at samba.org?
This makes replying easier :-)

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Am 31 Jan 2001, um 23:47 Uhr schrieb Andrew Bartlett zum Thema Re: OT: change NT login procedure:
Dazu meine Meinung:

> Why do we need the plaintext?  We run as root, we can do what we want.
so it depends on what we want :-) If we want to crypt() the user's password
we need the plaintext.
> Using pam is the way to do it, I have been considering what would be
> required to get samba to use samba rather that 'passwd'.  I don't think
> pam actualy needs the old password.  As far as I can tell, all you would
> need is some twidiling of real and effective uids during the process to
> make pam think you are root (no old password) but also a normal user
> (pam_cracklib and friends).
That's certainly true but how do You handle inter-domain trust relationships?
Domain accounts? WKS accounts?


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