internationalization for swat?

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Jan 30 17:13:39 GMT 2001

Deniz Akkus Kanca writes:

> Sometime ago, when I wrote to the samba list with Turkish
> charmaps, somebody had said that Swat had gotten
> internationalized and would let me know when it was available
> in CVS.  (I have erased the email unfortunately and no longer
> remember who it was).
> Is this available now from CVS? I'd like to add Turkish
> internationalization if possible/appropriate.

Err, I've applied the patches in a work area on my laptop but
haven't committed them yet.  I've still got to play with it a bit
more and get familiar with regenerating the .po (or is it the
.pot) files.

Once it's in though it should be pretty easy to internationalise
swat, smbclient and a few others.

Sorry for the delay everyone.



> Thanks,
> Deniz

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