Samba 2.0.7 and FHS conventions

Michael Sweet mike at
Fri Jan 26 21:15:47 GMT 2001

Dave O'Neill wrote:
> ...
>    - printers.def and codepages directory go under ${prefix}/share/samba

Um, isn't printers.def a configuration file for Windows client
printer drivers?  If so, it should go under /etc/samba along
with the other configuration files.

> ...
>    - SWAT html and images go under ${prefix}/share/swat

Strictly speaking this should be ${prefix}/share/doc/swat.

>    - PRIVATEDIR becomes $(VARDIR)/state/samba/private

Again, these are config things that should go under /etc/samba
(/etc/samba/private, to be exact)

Also, /var/state is not defined in the FHS...

>    - LOCKDIR becomes $(VARDIR)/state/samba/locks  (for now... see
> below) - configfiles go under /etc

Section 5.6: /var/lock: Lock files

Lock files go under /var/lock; to make things neat, use

> ...
> pidfiles belong in /var/run/, and the tdb files belong somewhere
> like /var/state/samba/data or somesuch.

Since the tdb files are long-lived and survive restarts (right?),
they should probably go under /etc, e.g. /etc/samba/tdb.

If they are used on-the-fly, then /var/run/samba is the place to
put them. (or /var/run/samba/tdb, see below)

As for the PID files, unless you have a single one for nmbd and
smbd, you'll need to use a subdirectory; /var/run/samba/pid or

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