Help me make my dream a reality : Mounting smb shares at logi n.

Grant Torresan gtorresan at
Wed Jan 24 20:32:33 GMT 2001

Ok I'm trying to use this pam_mount stuff.. It works well enough if I
specify the volumes to be mounted in /etc/pam_mount.conf , but if I use the
Luserconf option, I get the following error :

File ~/.pam_mount.conf could not be stat'ed
User does not own <luserconf>

below is the contents of my /home/username/.pam_mount.conf :

volume test smb xappserv homes /home/test

and next is my /etc/pam_mount.conf file :
# Turn on if you want to debug why some volume cannot be mounted etc.
# This can be overriden by user's local configuration
# Format: debug [ 1 | 0 ]
# Local user configuration can override this.

debug 1

# Users' local configuration file (if there is none, comment out this
# parameter). Will be read as ~/<file>
# Format: luserconf <file>

luserconf .pam_mount.conf

# Commands to mount/unmount volumes. They can take parameters, as shown.

smbmount /bin/mount -t smbfs
ncpmount /bin/mount -t ncpfs
umount   /bin/umount
pmhelper /usr/bin/pmhelper

# Volumes that will be mounted when user triggers pam_mount module
# (usually at login).
# Format: volume <user> [ smb | ncp ] <server> <volume> <mount point>
# Local user configuration can extend this.
# Mount mount must be owned by the user.

#volume user1 smb krueger public /home/user1/krueger
#volume user2 smb krueger public /home/user2/krueger

I ask you guys only because the docs don't really cover this sort of

And yes, I can mount this stuff manually.


Grant Torresan.

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logi n.

Tried using NFS but I'm afraid it won't work because those directories still
need to be SMB-accessible for windows clients. mounting the same directories
with NFS and Samba at the same time causes me some nasty file-permission
problems. (no write access from NFS side, even though RW is enabled).

However, the pam_mount thing seems to be just what the doctor ordered!! Way

I'm working it into my solution now and it looks like it'll fit like a

Thanks guys!

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If it's a samba server it must be on unix. Can you just use nfs mounting
to mount the drives off the samba server onto linux servers. NFS is more
effecient than samba. If you wanted the files to only be mounted when
needed you can use the automounter.

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Grant Torresan wrote:

> Hi all.
> Here's what I'm trying to do here:
> When a user logs into Linux server A , the login script (.bashrc or
> equivalent) then mounts the contents of <file://SAMBASERV/HOMES> to the
> user's current home directory : /home/(username) using smbmount (or
> equivalent).
> The problem I am having here is that the username AND password must be
> included in the script to mount that share from the SAMBASERV server.. And
> I'm not sure howI can get that information into the login script
> automatically.
> As is, Linux server A uses LDAP authentication to authenticate all users,
> I'm thinking that perhaps i can make the login script grab that user's
> username/password from the ldap database, and then forward that
> on to the SAMBASERV when it tries to mount thier [HOMES] directory.
> However, I'm not sure if this is possible/practical.  Any Ideas on how I
> might implement this solution?
> If anyone can help me with this I would be most greatful.
> Thanks.
> Grant Torresan.
> gtorresan at itemus dot com

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