Adding a feature to the smbd

Thomas Langås tlan at
Sun Jan 21 22:49:56 GMT 2001

Richard Sharpe:
> In [profiles] you can use environment variables in the path:
>   [profiles]
>     path = /some/path/%$(PROFILE_PATH)
> You set up a file in a root exec for the netlogon share, as you are
> probably logging on ... and then you use the 'source environment' parameter
> before the path parameter in your [profiles] share to read the environment
> variable.

OK, I see, didn't know this feature, and it didn't seem like anyone else on
the regular samba list did, either. I asked there before I made the patch,
and no one knew a solution to my problems. I didn't even know you could use
environment variables in the config-file :-)

With this in mind, I don't see any reason to keep the patch either. You can
do anything you want with the "source environment" first, as a shell script,
and then just read the environment-variables later on.

Why isn't the possibility to use %$(ENV_VAR) mentioned in the docs? At
least, I can't see it anywhere... 


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