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Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Sun Jan 21 17:00:59 GMT 2001

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Thomas Langås wrote:

> Simo Sorce:
> > Unfortunately, I've not seen your question.
> > I think you may do the same thing without that script.
> > Basically make the profiles share have path = /path/with/%I/in/
> > This way any machine has a different profile, but if you need
> > the same profile for a group of machine you may simply create one
> > real directory (the first IP) and let the others (IPs) be simple links.
> > I hope I've understanded your problem.
> We did actually think of this, but didn't want a solution like this. We're a
> universtity with a B-class network. Surely, makeing all those symlinks isn't
> the ideal solution :)  So, this is _why_ I made this patch.
Yes, I've forgotten to say "if you have not too much IPs" ;)
I've also been employed in such a network (in an Italian university) and
it is not so enjoyable to have hundreds of symlinks.

Another way I'm thinking of is to have a different samba configuration for
every lab maybe using netbios aliases, this way every lab may have it's
own shares and profiles. But this really depend on your configuration and,
may be, not suitable.

As I stated before, anyway your patch may have other uses also.


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