Adding a feature to the smbd

Thomas Langås tlan at
Sun Jan 21 16:52:08 GMT 2001

Simo Sorce:
> Unfortunately, I've not seen your question.
> I think you may do the same thing without that script.
> Basically make the profiles share have path = /path/with/%I/in/
> This way any machine has a different profile, but if you need
> the same profile for a group of machine you may simply create one
> real directory (the first IP) and let the others (IPs) be simple links.
> I hope I've understanded your problem.

We did actually think of this, but didn't want a solution like this. We're a
universtity with a B-class network. Surely, makeing all those symlinks isn't
the ideal solution :)  So, this is _why_ I made this patch. 


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