Samba 2.2.0 beta1 portability issues in Solaris 8

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Jan 16 20:09:02 GMT 2001

  I ran appcert on the 2.2.0 tree, and found some code
that's doubtful.
  Appcert reported:

                             Sun ABI Program
                    Software Product Binary Stability Tool
                      (c) 1996-2000 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

                    Interface Use Stability Report

                    Appcert version: 2.3
                    Generated by: "@(#) 1.23  00/11/03
                    Tue Jan 16 14:51:08 EST 2001


        Product Examined: noname
        Platform Version Built On: SunOS 5.8 (Solaris8)
        Platform Version Checked:  SunOS 5.8 (Solaris8)

        Summary: Potential binary stability problem(s) detected.

A total of 18 binary objects were examined.

The following (1 of 18) components had no problems detected:

   [details]   smbtorture

The following (17 of 18) components have potential stability problems:

   [details]   smbd     (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   nmbd     (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   swat     (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   smbclient        (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   smbspool (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   testparm (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   testprns (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   smbstatus        (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   rpcclient        (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   smbpasswd        (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   make_smbcodepage (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   make_unicodemap  (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   nmblookup        (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   make_printerdef  (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   smbsh    (1 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]    (5 private symbols [Desc])
   [details]   smbcontrol       (1 private symbols [Desc])

Summary of Private symbol use in /usr/lib/
  (18 binaries used, 17 of these used private symbols)

  _get_exit_frame_monitor 16  _acl 1                      
  _facl 1                     _llseek 1                   
  _pread 1                    _pwrite 1   


_get_exit_frame_monitor  -- I'm looking for it as we speak, but
	it may be a mere artifact of the testing....

_acl is used via #define real_acl(fn,cmd,n,buf) (_acl(fn,cmd,n,buf))
	in the creation of Unfortunately, _acl is a 
	private interface in Solaris, using the leading underscore
	convention of ANSI C to indicate that it's not to be called
	from applications. It lives in /usr/lib/
_facl ditto
_llseek ditto
_pread ditto
_pwrite ditto

We arguably need to avoid defining name to _name, lest we
get mysteriously different behavior on Solaris... It's
not entirely kosher, anyway.



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