Question: lower case NetBIOS names.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Jan 16 03:45:15 GMT 2001

A while back, as I vaguely recall, there was some discussion regarding 
NetBIOS names being returned in lower or mixed case from a specific query.

My fussing 'round suggests that Windows converts all names to upper case,
encodes them in wire format, and then only decodes them when making them
available for human consumption.  This makes sense, actually, because it
means that the low-levels of the protocol do not need to decode names to
compare them.  Samba does decode names before comparing them, which is
more robust but may incur a small performance penalty (particularly in the

In any case, if an Adapter Status query or other type of query can return
a lower or mixed-case NetBIOS name I'd like to see the evidence.  It would
be very interesting to me.


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