Forms, print queues and tdb

Jean Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at
Mon Jan 15 19:03:06 GMT 2001

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Damian Ivereigh wrote:
> > 
> > I reckon I have found it! It is NT 4.0 being the evil one. The problem
> > is that
> > these machines were originally connected to Samba 1.9.17 and they do
> > indeed
> > poll. When I swap in the new Samba they continue to poll only now each
> > time
> > they do it costs the machine a lot more. Even if you kill the smbd's
> > NT just
> > reconnects. At least win95 puts the printer into "work-offline mode"
> > and stops
> > polling.
> Ah - ok. Is it possible to remove these printers from the
> client and re-add them with a 2.2 server ? The problem is
> that NT has flagged the server as being a lanman only server,
> and stores this in the registry attached to the printer info.

are you sure ?

When I was writing that stuff, I tested that case and I got the opposite
behaviour, ie the client used the spoolss pipe instead of the lanman
calls when switching between a 2.0.x release and my devel samba.

I was using an old SP at that time, maybe sp2 or sp3. They can have
changed the behaviour in newer SP. 

Never expect everything to still work after applying an SP :-) :-) :-)

> This is the stuff that needs cleaning out on the client in
> order for it to move to the new NT method of lpq notify.
> Alternatively if you can't do this, we might be able to move
> to caching the response rather than trawling the tdb each time,
> I'll have to look at the code to learn more here.

if only we had the ERROR_NOTHING_HAVE_CHANGED :-)

> Jeremy.


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