SMBwrapper in OSX

The DJ hartman at
Sun Jan 14 20:19:49 GMT 2001

I would like to have smbwrapper support in OSX, but I cannot get it compiled
(Samba 2.0.7). Which is actually not such a surprise, because OSX has the
BSD sublayer and smbwrapper was not ported yet to any BSD like systems.
I do not know much of how this all works, but I thought I give it a shot.

Make goes well for a long time, but then I get the following:
Compiling lib/talloc.c with -fpic
Compiling lib/hash.c with -fpic
Linking shared library bin/
ld: unknown flag: -shared
make: *** [bin/] Error 1

After reading the PORTING files I think this is because Darwin
(underpinnings of OSX) handles shared libraries in a different way.

Is there someone who has since Samba 2.0.7 ported this code to BSD or who is
working on it?
I would like to get in contact with that person.

Universiteit Twente
Derk-Jan 'The DJ' Hartman
ICQnr: 10111559
Mail:  mailto:hartman at

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