Should LDAP support be documented (starting in March)? Also SSL.

Andy Oram andyo at
Wed Jan 10 20:08:03 GMT 2001

There is discussion on the samba-docs list about documenting
new config file options. I'm concerned with Using Samba in
particular (being the editor of that book) and a subset of
that book, which O'Reilly will release in March as a Samba
Pocket Reference.

Using Samba currently lists a bunch of ldap-* options but
simply says they're "reserved for future use." The smb.conf
man page tells what they do but emphasizes that they're

I would like some guestimate about when the status of these
options will be firmed up.

Also, has the status of SSL support changed, given that
export restrictions are gradually falling away in the U.S.?

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