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Toomas Soome tsoome at
Wed Jan 10 10:06:11 GMT 2001

Deniz Akkus Kanca wrote:

> My stupid question is, what do the NT's use to communicate among each other?
> Do they switch codepages dynamically? Do they use the windows-xxxx
> codepages?  If so, do they tell each other what encoding to use? Can samba
> be made to behave in the same fashion?

exactly the same problem here. It is normal thing to specify server code
page, but client code page... an example from real life:

there is NT 4.0 SP5 box just near me. default input locale is set to
estonian, system locale is estonian as well, but NOT as default. by some
reason, this very NT just does not save 'default system locale' flag.

now, in such situation, with current users things are ok - their locale
is set to estonian in regional settings and so client cp is 775. but for
new users code page is english and not 775... 

so, if you say - configure all your clients to use same code page - this
does not have any help for me. 

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