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Is there an 'official' NetBIOS character set?

It seems that CP437 is the one used when I try to enter extended
characters on a W/95 machine.  This is true either in the DOS shell or the
Computer Name field in Network Control Panel.  If I do the old
  press <ALT>
  enter 1 5 7 on the keypad
  release <ALT>
I always get a yen symbol, which is correct for CP437, but not others.

Any info?

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> "Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
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> > Jeremy,
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> > Can you give some more high-level detail on this?  Does it affect NetBIOS
> > naming as well?
> Yes. All the libsmb/XXX functions are designed to take
> UNIX codepage format (ISO-8859-X) and then will convert
> to DOS character set (CP-850 etc.) for on the wire transport,
> then convert any strings back to UNIX character set on
> exit. If you don't do this then any extended characters
> in the NetBIOS naming are screwed up. The Japanese Samba
> users group tests this very thoroughly (as do I usually).
> With all this new code in libsmb we need to be very careful
> to make sure this is not broken (it works in 2.0.7 and 2.2).
> > Point me to docs???
> The code is the doc :-).
> Jeremy.
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