I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

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Err Msg: The Credentials Supplied Conflict with an
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It has been this way for a looong time. What the article says is still
basically true. Redirector will not allow for one user to have multiple
credentials on the same connection to a server. I can't quite follow how
you could observe that things have changed to the worse in w2k.

If you are running in a different user's context (in a service, via the
runas command, or logged on via terminal services) this does not apply.

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Subject: I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

MS article Q106211 says:
   Windows NT does not allow you to make multiple connections to a 
   shared network server from the same workstation if you attempt to
   use more than one set of credentials. If you attempt to make two 
   or more connections to the same server using two or more sets of
   credentials, you will receive the following error message: 

        System error 1219 has occurred.
        The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of 


   To make the connection with the other account, disconnect the 
   previous connection(s) to the server. This behavior is by design 
   for security purposes. 

  Previously we were able to connect by providing a different
userid and password on the "net use" line.  Can someone confirm
this is really gone on Windows 2000?
  However, a (non-samba) customer got tossed off with the above
message, which exposed this supposed new[1] security feature.

[1. It's very very old, and was arguably fixed "the right way" in 
    Multics, before Unix or NT was even dreamed of.]
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