I think MS just did us (and themselves) a disservice.

Anders C. Thorsen anders at cwd.no
Tue Jan 9 23:24:10 GMT 2001

no. the limitation is client side :)

Always been there. This is not a true server security thing, as it 
works otherwise.. how would MS Terminal Server work otherwise..? 
That's some of the "Enhanchements" in it..


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>    Also, despite what they say, I suspect it's not for security reasons
> but truely because of _bad_ design. Or at least it must be simpler for
> them to handle it that way.

If I read this correctly, what it does is prevent separate users on a
multi-user system from accessing the same NT service.  This puts a kink
into the utility of, say, libsmbclient. 

Because there are effectively no multi-user Windows OSes, this isn't a 
problem from MS's point of view.

Am I reading that right?

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