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Can you give some more high-level detail on this?  Does it affect NetBIOS 
naming as well?

I note, for example, that W/95 will allow extended characters (o-umlaut, 
a-acute, etc.) but that their octal values to not match the latin-1 set 
I'm used to on my Linux and BSD boxes.  I assume from your message that 
there is a mapping that can/should be done.

Point me to docs???

Chris -)-----

> One comment on the browsing stuff (just got back from vacation
> and I'm trying to catch up).
> Don't forget to convert from UNIX character set to dos
> codepage on entry/exit to the libsmbclient functions. This
> tool a *lot* of work to get right in previous versions of 
> the code and needs to be maintained.
> I'll be catching up on the new work in the next couple of
> weeks,
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy.
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