GTK+ App to list workgroups, shares, servers, directories, etc

Jelmer Feenstra spark at
Sun Jan 7 21:06:37 GMT 2001

On Sunday 07 January 2001 20:47, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> I am not planning on touching kioslave. All I need is enough to check that
> things are working OK.

I see, there's no-one at caldera picking this up ? In that case I'm going to 
take a look at the existing kioslave present in the kde2 sources.

> That is a remenant of my testing. You do not need my workgroup in there,
> and I will probably remove the workgroup param from smbc_init, as it is not
> needed at that point. I should also probably cache credential info in
> testsmbc ...

I understand. Has there already been made a decision about whether or not a 
.smb/smb.conf file is going to be used with the library ?

On a different note : I've been trying connecting to some hosts on my 
network, reading/stat'ing files, browsing shares/directories... I noticed I 
can't get the sharelisting of a NT5 system :( It works ok with normal 
win98/linux smb servers, however NT5 seems to be promblematic. I recall NT5 
systems really want 'guest' as the username in order to get a sharelisting, 
but it didn't work out for me. Perhaps you can take a look at this ? 
Smbclient -L does return the listing properly, but I couldn't figure out 
where in your code things go wrong.

Another bug (?) I encountered is the fact that stat'ing files on some systems 
returned bad c/m/a-time information (Thu Jan  1 01:00:00 1970), while 
smbclient does list the dates correctly.

Thanks in advance,

Jelmer Feenstra

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