GTK+ App to list workgroups, shares, servers, directories, etc

Jelmer Feenstra spark at
Sun Jan 7 14:16:11 GMT 2001

On Sunday 07 January 2001 13:59, you wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, I have committed more changes to tree.c, the GTK+ app that can list
> all the workgroups, servers, shares, etc on your network.

Nice, I'll try to build it somewhere today :)

> It still has many problems, but can now list right down into directories,
> although I have to remove . and .. from its display.

So I take it directory listing implementation is functional at the moment ? 
If it is, modifying the original smb kioslave to use your libsmbclient code 
instead of Nicolas' libsmb code shouldn't be to hard. Especially since both 
libraries have just reimplemented the standard libc read/write/open 
functions, right ? I am not sure whether you are also planning on writing the 
kioslave, but I don't think a complete rewrite would be necessary.

> I am now looking for a way to have a tree view with a list of items against
> each listitem in the tree view. I am finding this little application very
> good at finding bugs for me and forcing me to make sure everything is
> implemented properly, so I am interested in continuing its development.
> Anyone know of a neat widget that can give me a tree view with columns
> where I can put in info, like file characteristics (hidden, archive, etc)
> and size and date and time?

Hmm, I once used gtk to implement a GUI but it didn't use a tree view, so I 
don't know anything about that :(

I have been trying your libsmbclient code and it seemed to work ok, a few 
things are not completely clear to me... for example : why do you ask for the 
workgroup in your testsmbc.c while you've already defined the workgroup as 
being "sambanet" ? Does the (your) workgroup need to be known in order to use 
the lib ?

Well I'm going to try and do some useful things with your work (I'm on a big 
smb network here), I've actually eagerly been awaiting your library ! One 
more thing, is the directorylisting code stable in the sense that the way it 
handles the entries etc stays this way ? If it does, I can probably start 
using you library now even though it's not completely bugfree.


Jelmer Feenstra

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