GTK+ App to list workgroups, shares, servers, directories, etc

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sun Jan 7 12:59:13 GMT 2001


Well, I have committed more changes to tree.c, the GTK+ app that can list
all the workgroups, servers, shares, etc on your network.

It still has many problems, but can now list right down into directories,
although I have to remove . and .. from its display.

I am now looking for a way to have a tree view with a list of items against
each listitem in the tree view. I am finding this little application very
good at finding bugs for me and forcing me to make sure everything is
implemented properly, so I am interested in continuing its development.

Anyone know of a neat widget that can give me a tree view with columns
where I can put in info, like file characteristics (hidden, archive, etc)
and size and date and time?

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