Removal of NT Builtin Groups

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Sun Jan 7 01:51:00 GMT 2001

thanks tim-

just what the doctor ordered (c:
I actually noticed that option somewhere in my research but haven't tried it.  Will this eliminate the display of all local users & groups or just those simulated NT ones?

Tim Potter <tpot at> wrote:
>John M Trostel writes:
>> I would like the users of my HEAD samba server to not see the builtin
>> users and groups:
>> Is there any relatively simple surgery I can perform on the source to
>> eliminate these entries completely from the displays?  This would be
>> similar to the effect you would be if I eliminated the groups from and NT
>> box and looked at the share/file from another NT box.
>You're in luck.  I've implemented such a feature in the appliance
>head branch but it is not merged into the HEAD branch.  It's a
>global parameter called 'hide local users'.  Grep for the
>lp_hide_local_users() for which bits of the rpc server code have
>been changed.

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