Removal of NT Builtin Groups

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I don't want to remove them from an NT box, I want to remove them from being presented when accessing my SAMBA server. I do not want the user to have those groups as a choice for assigning user & group privileges. I only want the groups defined on the SAMBA box (for now) which does not have these groups defined.

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>On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 06:42:17PM -0500, John M Trostel wrote:
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>> I would like the users of my HEAD samba server to not see the builtin
>> users and groups:
>> Authenticated Users
>> Creator Owner
>> Interactive
>> Network
>You can't remove them from an NT box. These are well known
>groups and they don't show up in User Manager in any way.
>And SYSTEM is the account, that all system processes run
>under (unless specified differently)
>Oh, and removing them from samba wont buy you anything,
>because the user can simply click on the domain list box at
>the top of the "add user to acl" dialog, choose the
>machine, on which the files reside and choose them from
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