libsmbclient and smb.conf

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Sat Jan 6 13:38:51 GMT 2001

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> I know that there has been some discussion on this topic, and I have not
> had too much to say so far ...
> My hopes as far as libsmbclient are concerned are the following:
> 1. pull in $HOME/.smb/smb.conf
> 2. If that fails, pull in /etc/smb.conf (or the global one)
> 3. Allow the user to provide an override, that vectors all the lp_xxx
> functions to their callback.

Could I suggest an alteration, driven by experience of providing services
(email, UNIX, Samba, ...) at a site of 15,000+ registered users. 

The default behaviour of a system should aim to be as satisfy most users
most of the time.  The per-user tweaking should be viewed as a luxury for
the experts.  Thus the list above should be: 

1. Attempt to pull in "/etc/smb.conf"
   [ system defaults; aiming to be 95%+ OK for 95%+ users 95%+ of time; ]

2. Attempt to pull in "$HOME/.smb/smb.conf"
   [ geek/expert/curious only ]

It could also be useful to be able to mark certain parameters as "not to
be overridden".  That is, if "/etc/smb.conf" has the parameter so marked,
then any occurence of it in "$HOME/.smb/smb.conf" will be ignored (with
warning message if appropriate or suitable or possible).


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