Removal of NT Builtin Groups

John M Trostel jt at
Fri Jan 5 23:42:17 GMT 2001

I would like the users of my HEAD samba server to not see the builtin
users and groups:

Authenticated Users
Creator Owner


I have removed the enumerated entries in srv_util.c and util_sid.c and the
user can no longer use these builtin groups and users in the add security
panel.  There are still 'ghost' entries there with the text desciptions
which describe these entries.

Is there any relatively simple surgery I can perform on the source to
eliminate these entries completely from the displays?  This would be
similar to the effect you would be if I eliminated the groups from and NT
box and looked at the share/file from another NT box.

John M. Trostel
Linux OS Engineer
jtrostel at

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