NetBIOS Name Syntax

John Quirk jbquirk at
Sat Jan 6 13:16:01 GMT 2001

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:

> Finally, the requestor doesn't
>    seem to show the space character in the list, but I was able to change
>    my machine's name from "Zathras" to "Zath Ras" without complaint.

When I first setup my network I used a WORKGROUP name of MILKY WAY
and every one was happy.
Then as I expanded I think it was an NT4 machine that I added and it was not
So I had to change it to MILKY_WAY.

So there are some machines out there that do like a space in the name or don't
it to be entered.

I just checked an old version of my smb.conf file and it had been happy with
the space
in the name.
Also windows ME just like W95 allows the space.
Currently the NT machine is not on the network so i can't recheck to see if
this is
really reason I removed the space.

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