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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jan 5 23:38:22 GMT 2001

At 02:46 PM 1/5/01 -0800, Welsh, Armand wrote:
>so, if I download this from the cvs, how would I test it?  Is it command
>line driven right now?

Hmmm, should not have opened my big mount :-(

Firstly, what I have at the moment is the library, libsmbclient, and my
testprogram, testsmbc.c

You will have to get the latest HEAD branch, and then do:

  bust it out
  Make client/testsmbc
  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/bin/dir/in/samba

And then you can run client/testsmbc.

However, for optimum results, testsmbc.c needs to be modified to be less
dependent on my evironment. That is, I need to code up some argument handling.

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